I am a GIS professional (GISP) with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) anxious to blur all the boundaries and help make a better world one decision at a time.  My experience includes Geographic Information System (GIS) development and integration.  My interests include:

  • business intelligence (BI),
  • enterprise asset management (EAM),
  • location based services (LBS),
  • global positioning systems (GPS),
  • augmented reality (AR),
  • customer relationship management (CRM),
  • marketing analytics,
  • and anything that generally answers the “where” questions.

To introduce myself, I have updated the About Me page where I provide some background on my intent for creating this blog.  I’m sure I will revisit this more in future posts.  In a nutshell, the intent of this blog is to catalog my journey of enlightenment as I attempt to document/demonstrate the value in combining GIS with business intelligence for finding hidden treasure.  Stay tuned.