Well, there aren’t any…at least there used to not be any.  I am noticing them pop up more frequently on the few job boards I follow now, but they’re usually not called by that name.  Note that there are some consulting firms in the business world that specialize in site analysis, location intelligence and location-based marketing, but as expected, more companies are bringing it in house as they grow to rely more heavily on the benefits.

The need for this specific specialty seems to follow two separate conventions.  One is where a geospatial related company needs someone with marketing experience.  The other can be any business with marketing staff that asks for someone with GIS “familiarity.”  I think this makes sense as most people don’t up and change their careers when the wind shifts direction.  There are many fields of study that overlap, cross paths, coincide, etc., but I would expect GIS and marketing to overlap more frequently than what I currently observe.  I guess, as with all things, it is based on demand.  Some companies can get by without GIS, some without marketing, or some can get by with good people who can do just enough to fill either need.  It is exciting to me, however, to find a company that recognizes the value in both together.  It’s like speaking different languages and at some point, to do business well, you’re going to need someone who speaks both transactional languages.

I will post some job descriptions on this blog as I find them to show what my dream job responsibilities might include.

Here is one Starbucks posted last month on gjc.org for a Senior Market Planning Analyst.  Specific geospatial related responsibilities and experience include:

–       Conducts statistical analysis and builds multivariate models using company and consumer data. Creates reports and applications on store and market performance. Reviews analysis completed by others.
–       Leads project teams in conducting strategic planning research using geo-demographic, consumer and company data regarding market development, store network optimization, new store site selection, store expansion, and renovations or relocations. Oversees the production of demographic reporting and analysis services, including documentation and support materials for site and marketing planning tools in production. Oversees the implementation of related processes, systems and technology.
–       Retail market, site analysis or marketing research using demographic data                       5 years
–       Use of statistical software for analysis of market research data and development of regression and other multivariate models                                                                            5 years
–       Use of ArcView, GIS, MapInfo or similar programs in a business setting                              3 years
–       Experience with Arc GIS Server (Preferred)                                                                             2 years
–       Familiarity with application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and spatial analysis technology in market research environment
Insulated cups raised to Starbucks!