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Here is a blog post from a year ago I happened across that discusses the ubiquity of gps devices used for navigation and location based services (LBS).  I like that the author cites the growth studies in the LBS marketplace, but I especially like the inference to a “location timeline.”  He suggests that the “power of here,” like the “power of where,” are milestones on this timeline.

I envision this timeline as something similar to the technology growth-curve.  Looking back causes me to reflect at how far we have come to the integration of technology in everyday life, however, looking forward causes me to curse that it isn’t fast enough!  I’ve adopted a saying lately that “one of these days technology will catch up to me.”  For a quick example, I have always looked forward to having my camera, voice recorder, gps, phone, internet, etc. all in one device.  Now I loathe having to stare at a phone screen to interact with this information and the fact that I can’t keep the device juiced for a full day’s work.

This is one reason why I love the promise of augmented reality and the Google Glass project bringing more main stream exposure.  So when I recently came across the video footage from the skydivers demonstrating google glasses at the Google I/O 2012, I started watching with great anticipation to see something amazing, like some Ironman-like heads-up-display (HUD) while falling through the air or at least something remotely closer to Project Glass’ One Day mock up…then, no, it was just streaming video from the sky.  This too is a milestone, I guess, and I know there are many, many milestones to make it to the ubiquity I long for, but wouldn’t it be nice if progress matched with my priorities!  As a marketer I know that the almighty dollar has more than its share of determining what hits the market and where the research and development dollars burn, but as a technology enthusiast I think that the market can handle more!  Until then, we’ll continue to take it one milestone at a time.