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I mentioned in a previous post about the technology curve how I looked forward to the day when my phone, media player, gps, and camera were all rolled into one device.  There are many similar convergent software applications that can provide similar benefits.

Here is a great example where detailed geographic road and physical structure mapping is combined with a demographic database and location based analytic software: Maps, Demographic, Location!

The result is sophisticated mapping and database technology combined, a visual demographic engine of high specificity that taps into trends including data visualization, cloud computing, location intelligence, data analytics and in memory processing.

The significance is that the combination of these solutions provide better information for decisions than each one separately.  More is always better IF you know how to combine, filter and apply the information that is relevant for the task at hand.

As needs change and demand for these types of service solutions grow, I believe we will see more convergence and partnerships between seemingly disparate systems to solve specific problems.  I can only imagine how a geospatially enabled system such as this could empower the right business intelligence (BI) dashboard for all my business decisions!