Much has happened since my last post (more about that later).  2013 marked a significant increase in momentum of the business world embracing GIS as a fuel additive to BI.  Today I came across this article that inspired me to return to posting the proof in the pudding.  It is by Drew Robb and posted by, an outlet dedicated to CRM, ERP, and BI topics.

The article provides examples of GIS implementation with BI and Big Data at General Motors.  Under his section titled “Behavior Modification” Robb says:

In tandem with Big Data and remote sensor networks, what is emerging is a services-based GIS model providing applications for a multitude of devices. You end up with maps combined with analytics, mashups, social media, marketing and sales data.

It is a mouthful difficult to digest without having had a taste of what “maps combined” can provide.  Take a look at the examples in the article as you imagine how GIS can help your business organization.