Here is an article talking about the key to full immersion in geospatial data.  Leave it to the federal government to have all the best stuff…for our protection, of course.

Map of the World is the platform for all geo-intelligence, multisource content and knowledge, with corresponding analysis and reporting stored there as well.

It’s a smorgasbord of layers upon layers of what is happening using geographic data, “social media and countless other datasets to highlight any object of interest, which can include human targets, at a highly detailed level to better show the true story.”

NGA’s Map of the World and its current geospatial capabilities will “sift through petabytes of geospatial data in real time.”

Everything is about making better decisions!  We are so close I can taste it…when BI companies get serious about harnessing the empowering combination of geography and real-time data for business.  Now if I could just get somebody like Domo to hire me, we’d be dominating the world in like 3 seconds flat!