GPS Utility Asset Inventory

Project Overview (video link)


The Department of Utility Services (DUS) embarked on a project to increase the spatial accuracy of the GIS database.  The GIS database supports a number of activities within the department, as well as other departments within the City of Henderson.

I filled the Project Manager role and oversaw all phases of this project from start to completion.  This included development and execution of the project plan and training 30 staff from multiple departments in the use of GPS hardware: Trimble 5800 and Leica GS15 units.


DUS maintains water, sewer, reclaim water, and raw water systems of networked infrastructure.  The Public Works Department maintains the stormwater system of infrastructure.  The GPS inventory included the collection of survey-grade accurate GPS points for all visible appurtenances related to water, wastewater, and stormwater utilities.


The GPS inventory covered 100% of infrastructure located within the DUS service area.


The GIS database for utilities is appended when new infrastructure projects are approved by the city.  The approved infrastructure is digitized into the GIS database by GIS staff.  While the plans are the best information available, they do not always reflect the as-built infrastructure.  It is critical to know where the infrastructure is located as DUS is required by state legislature to be able to locate underground infrastructure within 18 inches.  By collecting high-accuracy GPS points for visible appurtenances, we are able to adjust the location of the assets represented in GIS and on the Utility Atlas and maps for all of the data consumers.


March 2009 – March 2013


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